Testimonials & Reviews

Colleen Lyden's reviewArun Kumar

Very professional place. Staff were very friendly and very good with animals. We got a lot of tips on caring/training from the visit. Nominal price. Definitely recommended!

Colleen Lyden's reviewColleen Lyden

Metro Place is an excellent place for your pet.Hi I'm Colleen I have a toy YORKIE name Cici that I rescued. I had asked all pet stores where there a good vet they all told me. METROVET Dr. Waxman is so nice and the staff are excellent. I have been going their for a year and I LOVE THIS PLACE. CICI MY DOG GOT REALLY SICK FOUND OUT THE CAUSE AND WAS TREATED FOR IT. A GREAT PLACE.

Abby D's reviewAbby. D

Awesome place. Took both our longhair chihuahuas here a couple times, for typical exams and vaccinations. Let me just start off by saying that after going to multiple vets, (anywhere from PETSMART, to small Boutique-like vets) this place is a great in-between. It is large enough to accommodate evening appointments, but not overwhelmingly large where it feels like a factory- like petsmart.

Kindra P's reviewKindra. P

Dr. Waxman saved my cats life! Dr. Waxman and his staff are above and beyond any Veterinarian I have taken my pets too.

Aly S's reviewAly. S

Dr Waxman is a veterinary superstar--smart, friendly, and thorough. He takes his time with my puppy, Penny, and explains everything to me as he goes. This might sound naive, but I really feel like he cares about my pet. He even follows up after visits. How great is that?

I'm just so grateful to have such a great team so close by. And I'm sure Penny is too.

Regina Marshall's reviewElizabeth Jean

Metrovet Center is the BEST!!!! Dr. Waxman is amazing! He is wonderful, caring, friendly and great with my Bella. Travis is wonderful!!! I can call with a question (why is she not eating? or she's throwing up what do I do? etc.) and Travis is always willing to help! We live in Bayonne and I never considered taking my Bella to a Vet in Bayonne.
We just LOVE Metrovet!

Regina Marshall's reviewRegina Marshall

Took my Pit Bull there due to a really bad allergic reaction. Her skin was very dry and covered in bumps, bald spots everywhere and her coat was no longer healthy looking. Staff was great, Dr. Waxman was amazing, caring and friendly. Best vet I've ever been to. Will never go anywhere else!

Shyam Siyani's reviewShyam Siyani

Assisted next door Club Barks in providing the correct medication. Travis got to know me and my dogs needs before providing the best suitable options. Unbelievable services care and hospitality. I highly recommend Metrovet!

Kevin Williams's reviewKevin Williams

This place is awesome. Everyone from the front desk person to the vet assistant to the vet. Great environment and good people.

Emily L.'s reviewEmily L.

I recently moved to Jersey City and brought my cat here yesterday. I couldn't be happier with Dr. Waxman and his staff. Everyone was so friendly and was great with my cat Nemo. So happy I found them!

Atulika D.'s reviewAtulika D.

My dog is the very first pet that I own and being a first timer I had no idea which vet center should I take him to when he was not well. I took my chances and brought him to this place. This is for all the first timers Dr Waxman is the best Veterinarian You will ever find in Jersey City. The best part about this Vet Center is that it is open on weekends as well. They charge you pretty decent as compared to others(what I have heard).

jeana's reviewJeana

I have 2 dogs, Snowball and Zak eight years of age. They lost their spark, became lethargic and gained weight.
After Dr. Waxman's treatments they play like puppies again. It's so wonderful to watch them playing and having lots of fun. Dr. Waxman is very kind and compassionate. He takes his time to explain his diagnosis in detail and shows lots of love for animals. Also, he is always available for support and advice. I feel Snowball and Zak are in good hands with Dr. Waxman and his staff is very friendly and professional.
It takes me over 50 minutes to get to Dr. Waxman's office but I don't mind the drive at all now that Snowball and Zak has found such wonderful care.
I trust Dr. Waxman experties and I would gladly refer Dr. Waxman to friends and family.
TWO POWS UP! Thank you Dr. Waxman for bringing us back to joy and happiness.
Jeana, Zak, Snowball.